People First Transportation Planning and Design.  Since 1993 we have focused on the people who walk, bike, take transit and yes drive.  We believe that our job is to help shape a transportation network that gives people, all people, regardless of their abilities and resources, a safe, comfortable, convenient means for dignified independent travel.  And we believe that a transportation network is more than a means to a destination, it is a means to an end.  That end goal, is a network of captivating and functional places that connect people, promote commerce and highlight the unique character of each community.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, passionate about what we do, designing each project with the underlying goal of creating healthy, active and sustainable communities.

Norman Cox, PLA, ASLA

Planscape Archineer

Norm is a licensed landscape architect but calls himself a planscape archineer. That’s because he believes the solutions to great streets lie where the fields of planning, landscape architecture, architecture and engineering overlap. He believes that the needs of people come first and that design follows. Norm is recognized as a pioneer and a knowledge leader who considers both the big picture and the minute details when solving problems. He commutes year-round using his bike and his feet observing how people interact with each other and with their environment as he believes that this is the greatest instruction of all.

Carolyn Prudhomme, ASLA

Non-motorized Transportation Planner

Carolyn has worked as a non-motorized transportation planner with the Greenway Collaborative since 2008. During her time at the Greenway Collaborative she has been essential in the development of comprehensive non-motorized transportation plans, complete streets plans, bicycle and pedestrian maps, grant application assistance, trail marketing and branding strategies and ADA evaluation and assessment tools. She has worked on projects throughout Michigan and Ohio and specializes in GIS modeling and mapping as well as public engagement and product production.