Bridge to Bay Trail Identification, Wayfinding and Safety Improvement Plan

The Bridge to Bay Identification, Wayfinding, and Safety Improvement Plan was a major step in unifying all the segments of the Bridge to Bay Trail.

Friends of the St Clair River
480 S Water St
Marine City, MI 48039

Sheri Faust
(810) 730-5998

Date: 2020 – 2021

The Plan defines what routes fall under the Bridge to Bay Trail heading and looks at how best to sign existing, temporary, and planned segments of trail as it develops. Baseline improvements were proposed for temporary routes to make sure a safe route could be provided.

The six-month planning process included: Trail System Definitions, Route Site Analysis, Trail Standards, Baseline Safety Improvements, Sign and Pavement Marking Plan, and Implementation Assistance as needed. The end product provides a resource for St. Clair County, and acts as a model for other trails in the region and state.

As a follow-up to this plan, TGC also assisted in kiosk installation and developed the new Bridge to Bay Trail Website.