St. Clair County Trails and Routes Action Plan 2007

This plan is a conflation of two separate planning studies. One looked at how the Wadhams to Avoca Trail may be extended through Port Huron to link up with the Bridge to Bay Trail.  The other one looked at the most appropriate route to link the Macomb Orchard Trail to the Bridge to Bay trail. As  these two studies were nearing completion it became clear that together they begin to show a larger vision of the trail and bike route network in St Clair County.

St Clair County
Parks and Recreation Commission
200 Grand River
Port Huron, MI 48060

Mark Brochu, Director

Date: 2003-2008

The purpose of this Master Plan is to outline the next ten to fifteen years of major trail and bike route improvement to be lead by St Clair County Parks and Recreation Commission. By pulling together the various trail and related initiatives that have taken place over the past ten years, the long-term vision for the county as well as direction for the immediate future can be more easily achieved.