City of Dearborn Multimodal Plan

A plan to define the current and future community needs and desires for people who walk, bike, ride and drive in Dearborn.

City of Dearborn
16901 Michigan Ave
Dearborn, MI 48126

Mohamed Ayoub, Project Manager and
former Senior Planner for City of Dearborn
(734) 467-3210 (City of Westland, MI)
[email protected]

Kaileigh Bianchini (current contact)
[email protected]

Date: 2018

Develop a multimodal plan that will be used by the City to respond to the growing demand for alternative forms of travel and to promote safe and comfortable transportation options throughout the City. The planning process was structured to create a transportation plan that puts people first. A robust public engagement plan was undertaken to reach out to minority groups across the community in different languages and cultures.

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