Betsie Valley Trail

The Betsie Valley Trail is a rail-trail that stretches 22 miles between Thompsonville and Elberta/Franfort, Michigan.

Betsie Valley Trail Management Council
P.O. Box 378, Government Center
Beulah, MI 49617

Dean Sandell, DNR

William Olsen, M.D.

Date: 1999

Johnson Hill and Associates
Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Greenway Collaborative, as part of a consultant team lead by Johnston Hill and Associates with InSite Design Studio, prepared a master plan for the trail between Elberta and Crystal Lake from Beulah to Thompsonville.

The master plan makes extensive use of geographic information system (GIS) technology.  Fieldwork, digit orthophotos and global positioning units were utilized for a comprehensive inventory of issues and opportunities along the trail.  In addition, detailed site inventories and proposed plans were prepared for five trailhead areas and two areas of special interest.