GVSU Non-motorized Transportation Plan

This plan focuses on minimizing bicycle traffic on sidewalks and pedestrian walkways by providing bicycle facilities, such as bike lanes in the existing road network, separate bicycle paths and covered and secured bicycle parking.

Grand Valley State University
1008 Service Building
Allendale, MI 49401

Bob Brown, Facilities Planning Director

Date: 2010

The main objective of the plan was to provide detailed recommendations to retrofit the existing transportation network, such that is provides safe, comfortable and convenient access routes for bicycles and pedestrians around campus. The plan includes recommendations to minimize motor vehicle traffic on North and South Campus Drive, provide north-south bicycle links across campus, slow speeds of motor vehicle traffic, improve pedestrian connections between Laker Village and campus, provide non-motorized links between off-campus house and campus and enhance shared spaces. Specific area recommendations and general guidelines are also provided.