Huron River Water Trail Website

The Huron River Water Trail travels through southeast Michigan, passing through several local, regional and state parks. The Huron River Water Trail Website was developed as a standalone website to provide outreach to water trail users and help promote the water trails brand.

Huron River Watershed Council
1100 N Main St
Ann Arbor, MI 481014

Elizabeth Riggs, Deputy Director

Date: 2013

Prime: The Greenway Collaborative, Inc
Sub-contract: ImageWeaver

The purpose of the project was to define the content on the website, design the website, develop the supporting codes and help launch the website.

The Huron River Water Trail Website includes static maps, interactive maps, recreation and safety information, water quality and level updates, volunteer opportunities and upcoming events.

In 2015, as a pro bono effort, TGC updated the entire website to a new format which included integration of the trail town initiative and launching an interactive map to gather public feedback.

In 2008, The Greenway Collaborative worked with the Huron River Watershed Council to create the Huron River Water Trail Map.