Northeast Ann Arbor Transportation Plan, Non-motorized Component

A key part of the Northeast Ann Arbor Transportation plan is the Non-motorized transportation components.  Taking a lead from the public input, the plan defines non-motorized zones capable of supporting high levels of service for pedestrians and bicyclists.

City of Ann Arbor
100 N Fifth Ave
PO Box 8647
Ann Arbor, MI 48107

Wendy Rampson

Date: 2001-2006

The Corradino Group
Joe Corradino

For this project, geographic information systems (GIS) were utilized extensively for system analysis and planning. Included in the project are pedestrian and bicycle level of service analysis, system recommendations, policy and program recommendations and detailed design guidelines.

The recommendations from this project were included in and expanded on in the City of Ann Arbor’s Comprehensive Non-motorized Plan, also completed by The Greenway Collaborative.