Reinventing Rouge Park

Providing year-round active recreation and a healthier Cody-Rouge neighborhood. This project was part of the Michigan Department of Heath and Human Services Active Transportation Initiative (CDC 1422 Grant).

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
P.O Box 30037
Lansing, MI 48909

Jan de la Torre, Project Mgr.

Sam Shopinski, Project Supervisor
National Kidney Foundation of Michigan
734- 222-9800 x309

Date: 2015 – 2018

This plan provides recommendation to improve walking and bicycling facilities in Route Park and make it a fun and safe place to recreate. One of the key recommendations is the SuperPath, a physically separated on-road pathway
that allows bicycles and pedestrians to move in both directions on one side of the road. The proposed path would be a 3.4 mile loop around Rouge Park and would include wayfinding and safety improvements. There is also potential for a future trail connection between the Super Path and Hines Park Drive.