State Street Area Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan

The plan address how to best accommodate bicycle and pedestrian traffic on Liberty Street and State Street in what is known as the State Street Business District in Ann Arbor.

City of Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority
100 N Fifth Ave
PO Box 8647
Ann Arbor, MI 48107

Susan Pollay, Executive Director

Date: 2003

The project strives to create a balance between the needs of all roadway users: private motorists, transit, bicycles, pedestrians and those with disabilities.  The project includes near-term recommendations relating to the street change-over and long-term recommendations for accommodating bikes in the street with shared-use arrows and new informational signage. The overriding goal is the continued vitality of the downtown and its people.

State Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Poster Boards & Banners
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