City of Novi Non-motorized Master Plan

The City of Novi is continuing its efforts to promote healthy, active lifestyles through the creation of a comprehensive non-motorized transportation plan.  The plan will result in a clear vision and implementation strategy to establish a safe, convenient and enjoyable environment for bicyclist, pedestrians and non-motorized users.

City of Novi
45175 W. Ten Mile Road
Novi, MI 48375

Barbara McBeth, Deputy Director of Community Development

Date: 2010 to 2011, Adopted 2011

Prime: The Greenway Collaborative, Inc
Sub-contract: Wade Trim
Sub-contract: Active Transportation Alliance

The plan offers specific recommendations for all of the primary road corridors as well as key local roadways.  These recommendations identify near-term, low-cost improvements that may be quickly implemented and affect noticeable change.  The prioritized capital intensive projects based on a detailed analysis to make sure the funds expended are doing the most good. The implementation portion of the plan coordinates proposed improvements with street projects already in the community’s capital improvement project plan so the implementation may be done efficiently. Further, the implementation plan identifies a demonstration project that may be implemented in the near-term to illustrate the potential of a complete street system.