City of Birmingham Multi-Modal Transportation Plan

The City of Birmingham’s multi-modal transportation plan will be used by the City to improve and expand opportunities for pedestrians, bicycle and transit users, respond to the growing demand for alternative forms of travel and promote safe and comfortable transportation options across the City.

The City of Birmingham
151 Martin St
Birmingham, MI 48012

Jana Ecker, Planning Director

Date: 2012 – 2013, Adopted 2013

Prime: The Greenway Collaborative, Inc
Sub-contract: Toole Design Group

To develop a citywide multi-modal transportation plan that improves and expands opportunities for pedestrians, bicycles and transit users.  The plan was driven by a blend of public involvement and evidence based solutions.  Well over 400 people completed an on-line survey.  The analysis of the existing conditions included a relative demand model that incorporates measurements of population density, land use diversity, activity generators, transit activity, connectivity and employment centers.  The final report provided policy and program recommendations, physical environment recommendations, specific area concept plans and a network implementation plan.